this article is also on the xlink kai forums

in the past couple of months i have been having issues connecting with some friends on xlink for the Xbox game mechassault. right now this game is rising from the ashes. today i took a closer look. on the main game arena page it says " Please Note that older versions of the game are incompatible with newer versions (Platinum Hits in the NTSC region) over system link, unless the title update is applied. You will not be able to see rooms of players hosting a version different from yours." this means the other player must have the same version. in my life of xlink kai i was able to play with one person on mechassault total. im not sure if this was there all along, but if you cant connect to somebody on this game thats probably why.

if you are looking to play this game with me or these list of games

moto gp 1



unreal championship

then add or chat Darksky2899 on xlink kai

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